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    Are you tired of pest problems? The best way to tackle pests is to call for a professional pest control service. City Wide Pest Control is one of the top pest control companies City Wide. We are widely recognised and trusted by our clients. Hence, we can help you get rid of pests irrespective of the size of your property. Also, our City Wide pest control team can handle any type of pests. From ants, termites, rats, bugs, and flies to cockroaches, we have pest treatment for everything.

    Firstly, our pest and insect control team are certified and verified professionals. Secondly, they do their job intending to provide customer satisfaction. Therefore, we will take care of all your requirements. And make sure to provide the safest pest control services throughout City Wide. If you wish to try our services, call us on 0488 851 508. We are available all around the clock for bookings and queries.

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    Our Integrated Approach
    Towards Effective Pest Control In City Wide

    We use a step-by-step approach to deal with pests. This gives instant results with a hassle-free experience. Here is how we make your property pest free –


    Initially, we will thoroughly inspect the property. We check all the areas and corners to discover the entry and exit points for the pests.


    The next step is to fumigate the infested area. This method is very effective and will exterminate all the pests.

    Pesticides spray

    For areas like corners, attics and basements we spray the pesticides. These pesticides are very powerful but safe for you.

    Heat treatment

    It is a chemical-free method of home pest control. It is very effective for pests like bed bugs and moths.

    Baits and repellents

    Baits are used to attract pests. The pests consume the bait which is filled with insecticides. This way no pest is left on the property after we set bait stations.

    Dead pest removal

    The most important step is to remove all the dead pests. As they can become a breeding ground for mould and bacteria.

    Possum box installation

    For possum pests, we use possum boxes. It has baits inside to attract the possum and they get trapped. Later on, we safely relocated it about 50m away.

    Pest prevention tips

    Our City Wide pest Control team will also provide you with some prevention tips. It is expert advice and will help you to deal with further infestations.

    Hire Our Special Possum Inspection And Removal Team In City Wide

    We specialise in possum pest management services. Possums are commonly found in homes and can be quite dangerous. They can cause expensive property damage. Similarly, they can create annoyance as well. Possums are found in attics, roofs and trash cans. If you are dealing with possums on your property, our team can be helpful to you. We have a reliable possum pest inspection team. They will remove the possums safely from your property. And will also discard any dead possums in your house. Our team will use safe possum boxes and possum treatment. We have an integrated possum pest management system. Hence, you will experience hassle-free and safe possum control and pest removal services City Wide.


    Our Special Pest Control Services are Available In And Nearby City Wide

    • Emergency and same-day pest control: You can choose from our emergency and same-day pest control services. Our team will arrive at your location within a few hours of bookings.
    • End of lease pest control: Are you moving out of your rented property? Our end-of-lease pest control can be helpful for you. Our team will get rid of all pests and help you receive your bond money back.
    • Eco-friendly pest control: Pest control is possibly to be done in an eco-friendly manner. We use green pesticides and toxic-free pest treatments. Moreover, it is safe for kids and pets.
    • Large area pest infestation treatment: We even provide pest control for bigger properties. This applies to both residential and commercial areas.

    All The Pests That
    Our Team Can Handle And Control In City Wide

    Bee and wasp removal services

    We have pest control for both bees and wasps. It is better to never tackle bee and wasp pests on your own. It can be extremely dangerous. Our City Wide pest control team will safely remove all the beehives and wasp nests.

    Flies control services

    Are too many flies present on your property? Our services will help you control and remove the flies. And also prevent any further fly infestation problems.

    Rodent control services

    Rodents like mice and rats can contaminate food with germs. Hence, causing deadly diseases and allergies. Invest in our rodent control services and get affordable prices as well. We provide services for all rodents like pest control for rats.

    Spider control services

    We have effective spider control services City Wide. You can make bookings anytime as we are available all round the clock.

    Ant control services

    Ant infestations can damage property. And it is not easy to get rid of ants. But our ant treatment is effective and will quickly exterminate all ants.

    Bed bug control

    Bedbugs can cause itchy and red bite marks on your skin. They are found in your mattresses and bedding. Our team will help you get rid of all bed bugs.

    Flea control

    Are you tired of flea infestations in your home? We have the best flea control treatments City Wide. They will give results quickly and will also help in controlling flea infestations.

    Moth control services

    Moths damage clothes and books. They also damage any leather items as well. Our moth control service is hassle-free. And is done by certified professionals.

    Possum removal services

    Possums can cause a lot of trouble and damage to your property. Moreover, dead possums can be a threat to health. Our professionals will safely remove the possums using boxes and leave them in a safe habitable area.

    Cockroach control services

    We have the best cockroach control services City Wide. With advanced pest control and treatment solutions, you experience the best results. Thus, make your bookings to get a pest-free property today.

    What Makes Our Pest Control Services Trustable?

    Our City Wide pest control services are quite popular. People trust our services when it comes to pests. There are many reasons why people choose our services –

    • We have well-trained pest professionals in our team. Our team performs good pest control work.
    • Our company has been working for years and has the necessary field experience in pest control.
    • We aim to make our services accessible to everyone throughout City Wide. Also, our pest control costs are pretty reasonable.
    • Our techniques involve using advanced technology and treatments. We only provide specialised pest control solutions.
    • Lastly, our pest control team will reach your location within an hour or so. You can make bookings through our customer care number.

    Why Call Our Experts To Keep Your Environment Pest-Free And Hygienic?

    Pests harm the surroundings and health. Also, they act as carriers for diseases and viruses. Similarly, they spread allergens that can cause many medical conditions. Moreover, pests’ faeces can be very dangerous. Diseases like typhoid, malaria, dengue fever, salmonella, E. Coli and more. Hence, pests are the reason behind unhygienic surroundings. They will contaminate the food and water in your home. All these are reasons why pests can create an unhealthy environment for you and your family. Therefore, hiring a pest control team regularly will help you maintain a hygienic environment. And will keep the pest infestations in check. Our City Wide pest control team can be helpful for you.


    “Hi, I am Tim. I have called this team several times at my home for possum removal and possum box installation. They are very good at their work. I think they can help in all situations created by possums or other pests they handle. Good for all. Thanks.


    “Hi, I am Adam. I have good trust in this team for my all pest control issues. From rat control to possum removal and wasp removal to spider control, I have used this company several times in the last few years. You can also trust them for your pest control needs. Thanks.


    “Glen here, good to know that the City Wide Pest Control team is available in my neighbourhood and they are available for all cities in Australia. I have used their team and services for my home and they always embrace me and my family with their pest control skills.



    Always Available

    Rated 4.0 out of 5
    17 November 2022

    You can get exceptional customer support services from professionals. The customer is allowed to connect anytime, as we are available 24 hours with same-day and emergency pest control service offerings.


    Great Services

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    17 November 2022

    I have taken pest control service and the experts have used the latest technologies & methods to get rid of the pests. However, the eco-friendly measures they have used in property to remove pests are friendly to humans and pets both, so you do not need to worry about any harm.


    Amazing Job

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    17 November 2022

    The professional pest control service is available 24 hours to customers. You can call to book appointments or even get in touch to take assistance from the professionals. These experienced experts have helped me a lot in assisting with what to do to deal with a few pests surrounding the property.




    Baits and spray formulations are common pest treatments. These baits are solutions that have insecticides in them. Baits attract pests. And they consume the baits. Moreover, we only use green pesticides, insecticides and termiticides. Hence, it is a non-toxic pest control method but quite effective.

    Pests are always in a bunch and have a good breeding capacity. A pest management professional will have the right knowledge regarding pests. They will make expert recommendations that will provide a long-lasting pest control effect. Hence, a licensed pest control professional can only use effective pesticides.

    Our company offers a wide range of pest treatment options. Moreover, our services work on all types of pests ranging from ants to rodents. Thus, we provide green treatments, fumigation methods, baits, insecticides, pre-purchase pest treatments and preventive methods.

    We Have Our Pest Control Services Available In All Regions Of City Wide

    Our pest control services spread throughout the regions of City Wide. We provide our services in both commercial and residential areas. If you are a resident of City Wide, our services are just one call away. Furthermore, our customer care team is available all round the clock for bookings.

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